Creative Developer

Date of birth:15 November, 1982
Address:242/2, Free School Street Floor-4, Dhaka–1205



A well organized and self motivated individual with broad ranging experience who wants to be valued for own works as an expert with highest performances & ethics.To work in a challenging, dynamic and disciplined environment to enrich professional skill, competency and level of expertise knowledge.


I like to prove my intelligence and creativity with my working ability. I like challenging and creative works.


  • 2012 – Masters in Business Administration (MBA with Major in Finance) From The University of Asia Pacific.
  • 2008 – Chartered Accountancy Course Completed from Ashraf Uddin & Co. under The Institute  of Charterd  Accountants of Bangladesh.
  • 2007 – Certified Income Tax Practitioner Under NBR.
  • 2001 – Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM Pass) from Dhaka City College Under National University.
  • 1999 – Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in Science From Ghatail Cantonment College under Dhaka Board.
  • 1997 – Brahmon Shahon A.U. High School- S.S.C in Science under Dhaka Board.


November 28, 2015-till now

Shamol Bangla Media Limited.

Senior Executive, Finance & Accounts

  • Overseeing and co-ordination over all financial activities of the company.
  • Concept of Product Costing & implementation of Financial Strategic Planning.
  • Money Management, Assets Management, & Inventory Management Implemention.
  • Liaso and communicate with All Regulatory Body which are legally connected with our Company
  • Recording & Reporting of Financial Transactions
  • Budgetary Control. Ratio Analysis and project Profile etc.
  • Preparation Management Information Report. (MIS)
  • Monthly Budget Preparation & Budgetary Control
  • Preparation of Monthly Income Statement, Balance sheet with cash Flow Statement.
  • Preparation of Statement of Changes in Shareholder’s Equity
  • Total Fixed Assets management
  • Calculation of Bank Loan, Bank Overdraft & Ensure the Repayment
  • Break–even Analysis & Profit Planning.
  • Working Capital Management.
  • Prepared the paper to Return Submission for Registered of Joint Stock Company
  • Correspondence & Liaison Maintain with all parties regarding C&F, Bangladesh Banks, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information Technology, Suppliers, Importers & Exporters, VAT, Tax Others Financial Institutions.
  • Maintaining liaison with Management through regular Meetings & Discussion.
  • Overall Provident Fund Management

December 15-November 27, 2015  

Shamol Bangla Media Limited.

Senior Executive, Finance & Accounts

  • Reconcile of all bank account.
  • Involved in writing of all type voucher
  • Posting Financial Data in Accounting Software
  • On air report collection & on air cost calculation.
  • Involved in upgrade in accounting software (Tally ERP-9)
  • Prepared Monthly Billing, Recovery & Outstanding Statement incorporation with supporting documents.
  • Prepared Monthly Vat & Agency Commission Statement.
  • Provide Vat chalan as per contract to client.
  • Maintain Party ledger of vat chalan.
  • Ensure Monthly Vat Reconciliation Within Required Time.
  • Reconciliation Monthly Revenue Statement with Bank Ledger.
  • Involved in writing of Voucher (Sales)
  • Posting Financial Data in Accounting Software.(Sales)
  • Preparation of receipt & payment statement (chunk) in corporation with supporting documents.
  • Inspection of various Advertiser and Agency offices for Discuss and Solve the problem of Advertiser & Agency (Sales Related)

September 01, 2008December 14, 2011           

Shamol Bangla Media Limited.

Executive, Finance & Accounts

  • Prepared salary statement including bank transfer & related other works.
  • Prepared Cell phone statement.
  • Prepared Monthly Receipt & Payment Statement in corporation with supporting document.
  • Prepared Monthly Recovery Statement (Daily Basis) including fund position.
  • Prepared payment schedule, Voucher & issued all kind of Cheque.
  • Prepared annual accounts of company both (Actual & Tax)
  • Calculation of employee’s tax against salary.
  • Deduction of AIT against salary as per income tax ordinance.
  • Issued tax chalan & income tax certificate to party & employees.
  • Prepared employees annual return (u/s 108). Ensure payment to suppliers or creditors & deduction of advance income tax as per Income Tax Ordinance.


  • 2017 : Attained “2 Days Training on IPO Process and Procedures Management With Financial Statement Analysis from Dhaka Stock Exchange Training Academy.
  • 2018 :  Attained and Successfully Completed Training on Global Supply Chain Mangement from BD JOBS
  • 2018 : Attained training on “ Banking, L/C, C&F, Customs & Shipping Procedure operation for  Export-Import Business with Documentation”


  • Masters in Business Administration (Major in Finance)

  • Result : CGPA 3.20
    Institute : The University of Asia Pacific.
    Passing Year : 2012


  • Chartered Accountancy Course Completed

  • Result : Still Studying
    Institute : The Institute of Charterd  Accountants of Bangladesh
    Passing Year : 200


Certified Income Tax Practitioner  Passed in 2007

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Result : Second Divison
    Course Study : Commerce
    Year : 2001
    Institute : Dhaka City College


  • Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

  • Result : Second Divison
    Course Study : Science
    Board : Dhaka
    Year : 1999
    Institute : Ghatail Cantonment School & College


  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

  • Result : First Divison
    Course Study : Science
    Board : Dhaka.
    Year : 1997
    Institute : BSAU High School


  • Computer Skill: Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel,  MS Power Point.


  • Language: Excellent both written and oral communication in English and Bangla.


  • Ability to meet any challenge with confidence, determination & Sincerity.

  • Enjoy working under different challenging and creative situation.

  • Hard working capability and retain temperament.

  • Strong communication skill, management and ability to take leadership.

  • Well disciplined and organized.

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